Saturday, June 12, 2010

Best and Worst Braids

Her hair is nicely braided on the back, but it's braided all the way to the top, 
making all her hair  come down at the front of her face. Not good.

A fishtail braid is super sexy and suits her well.

Let's not focus on her make up for now...
She reminds me of Xena in this picture. This forehead braid makes her look like she 
should be attacking a small village, not good. At least she matched the braid color 
to her hair...

She put together a sort of angelic look with her bohemian-chic braids, and not only are 
they super easy to do, they provide you a polished and sexy look.


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Fashion Fabrice said...

hahaha great post! Why pamerla always succeed in order to be ugly? ugliest style ever. Leona on the other hand is really beautiful. her hair is always so pretty:) nice post!

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