Friday, June 11, 2010

Makeup Crimes

The Crime: Unblended Eyeshadow

Applying a multi-hued eyeshadow and not blending it? Crime!
I advise you to use a makeup brush, always! And when you think
you're done blending, blend just a little bit more. Your eyes will
thank you

The Crime: Too-nude Lips

It's nice to pair a beautiful smokey eye with a nude
lip.I'm sure you've heard this a million times before,
emphasize the eyes, go easy on the lips. But there's
something you should consider: the shade of nude you
choose, it should not be too close to your skin tone, try one
or two shades above. This way, you'll avoid your mouth to
blend with the rest of your face. Try adding some glodd too.

The Crime: Bronzer Overload

Bronzer overload equals Oompa Loompas, everyone knows
you're not naturally orange. Self-tanner and abuse of bronzers
provide your skin a non-healthy glow. The right way to do this
is a nice day at the beach (remember to use sunscreen!), or
even just a quick swipe of bronzer will do the job.

The Crime: Lip liner miss-match

Apart from the ridiculous false lashes let's focus on
her lip liner, which is way too dark for her lipstick color.
It's easy people, match (exactly) your lip liner with your
lipstick...or at least your lips.

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CFID1990 said...

Follow me ;)

Cáti said...

pode ser crime mas a Christina está linda na mesma. eu adorei aquela make-up nela :)