Monday, June 21, 2010

Request: Music Festival Look

Someone requested that I made some Music Festival Looks, but there are some things you should have in consideration, such as the place where the festival takes place: if the place has mud, be sure to wear some boots so your feet won't get dirty; the weather: if you're staying there until dawn it will get cold so it's probably a good idea if you take a warm jacket (an army jacket would be awesome! trendy and keeps you warm), also if it's too hot in the afternoon bring water! (or buy some there) and -very important!- sunscreen! Some shades would be helpful as well. After you think about all this, all you have to do is HAVE FUN!

Look 1
1 - H&M - 24.95€

2 - STRADIVARIUS - 17.95€

3 - STRADIVARIUS - 4.95€

4 - H&M - 5.95€

5 - H&M - 12.95€

6 - H&M - 24.95€

Look 2

1 - H&M - 12.95€

2 - H&M - 4.95€

3 - PIMKIE - 29.95€

4 - PULL&BEAR - 25.95€

5 - PULL&BEAR - 25.95€

6 - H&M - 14.95€


Jadorelesfleurs said...

Oh ! Love the second look !

Especially 1-2 & 4 !


Fashion Nicotine said...

Love both outfits!!

Anonymous said...

look 1: gosto bastante do top, da mala e das pulseiras

look 2: top, oculos ;), mochila!

obrigada, continua


Mafalda said...

Anytime ;D


Fairy said...

Os looks está realmente bem construídos gosto de tudo

Mafalda said...

Obrigado ;)

Kim said...

Great items !! I really love that bag on the last picture !

Cindy said...

i absolutely love the feather bangles.

my mom and sister are going to portugal in august i have to get them to pick me up some goodies!
if you really like that snake ring on atlanta, you can find it on ebay.

Mafalda said...

Oh yeah i know, thanks for telling me though ;)
I'm recently craving some star wars rings I saw on ebay, like with darth vader's head. love it ;-;


Tenny said...

love the first look, especially the bag

Phiephie + Minnie said...

They're both great!


minnja said...

I love Look 1