Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello! I'm back babes!!
Finally I have internet and television in my new house.
Pretty soon there's going to be something new in the blog, i'll start posting photos of my looks as well as my friend's (who live with me). Just waiting for one of them to bring me a decent camera since mine pretty much sucks. 

Keep giving me ideas and requests for posts, thank you all for your patience!<3


Cindy said...

sounds amazing! love to see your style.
my mom just got back from portugal today and got me the cutest cape from promode! love bambi and lola too if you could feature some of their stuff, since we don't have it in north america.

Mafalda said...

I'll try doing that! thank you for your comment ;D

Luminous Fish said...

yey fotos de vcs! isso é que é bom ;D
vou ver se começo o meu nestes próximos dias. c-ya <3

Mafalda said...

Acho bem que começes!<3