Monday, September 6, 2010

Refresh your Hairstyle

1- Bangs - This season is all about bangs.

Hairstyle Tip 1: Try bangs

2 - Hair Accessories - A quick way to polish off any hairstyle.

Hairstyle Tip 2: Utilize hair accessories

3 - Enhanced Shine - Try a gloss or glaze treatment applied to your hair.

Hairstyle Tip 4: Enhance shine

4 - Warm hair color - Get a tinted hair gloss to enhance the warmer tones 
in your hair color, which is more appropriate for fall.

Hairstyle Tip 5: Warm up your hair color

5 - Modify your Ponytail - This season, wear them with volume at the crown.
To get volume at your crown, use a fine-tooth comb and tease one-inch 
sections at time, pushing hair down gently towards your scalp.

Hairstyle Tip 6: Modify your ponytail



delina said...

awesome haircuts! love this post dear x

bravegrrl said...

julias hair looks amazing